"Smartphones: A pocket-size farce" A new comedy by Emilio Williams opening July 19th, 2012 at Trap Door Theatre (Chicago)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

We open tonight- here are some photos!

Join us at Trap Door Theatre for the World Premiere of a new madcap comedy 
by Spanish Award Winning Playwright Emilio Williams

                                           Smartphones- a pocket size farce

What happens when our lives become more absurd than an avantgarde play? 

Written and Directed by Emilio Williams

With Antonio Brunetti, Geraldine Dulex, Jodi Kingsley and Chris Popio
And the special collaboration of Mariana Leite
Set Designer Brian Sidney Bembridge

Scene Shop Means of Production

Lighting Designer Richard Norwood 
Costume Designer Tonette Navarro 
Sound Designed and Music Produced by Gabriel Dib 
Stage Manager Skye Fort
Make up Designer Zsofia Otvos
Graphic Designer Michal Janicki 
Fight Coreography Justin Verstraete
P.R. Austin Hassett
Assistant Directors Mariana Leite and Gary Damico

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