"Smartphones: A pocket-size farce" A new comedy by Emilio Williams opening July 19th, 2012 at Trap Door Theatre (Chicago)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Possessed by Studiobema…

The first time I walked into the Trap Door Theatre, I knew I had found my place in the world. The theater is at the end of an alley, behind the restaurant Jane’s. Inside, it looks like your quintessential European alternative theater space.  But my true door to the universe of Trap Door Theatre was the posters designed by Michal Janicki at Studiobema covering the walls of the lobby area.

If you know who Janiski is, chances are that you are, like me, an unconditional fanatic. If you don’t know him, please visit his website and get lost in his sequestered, cracked, stunning universe… he is not only a designer but an accomplished photographer and filmmaker with a very personal take on life as we should know it.

I went to see the world premiere of his movie Trupiak at the Oracle Theater. He spoke at the end of the screening and I was so star-struck that I felt like a twelve year old girl in a Justin Bieber concert. So, I didn’t even dare to talk to him to say congratulations.

Then, thanks to the safe distance of Facebook, I gathered the balls to send him a copy of my manuscript and I begged him to help us in any way possible. I wish Michal would have co-directed Smartphones with me! But he is a busy guy. Thank God, at least, he agreed to help with the poster and the promotional shots of the cast (see below previous entries for his pictures of the cast).

Michal has given me many ideas for Smartphones. His creative generosity has no limits. Many of them are just lines of poetry that resonate in my head while we’re in the rehearsal room. Most were like riddles whispered by a small person in a dream sequence by David Lynch. Some others were like Haikus turned into lyrics for a song by Yma Sumac. When you talk to Michal you become a kid again, your eyes get really big, and you feel you are riding a rollercoaster ride inspired by the movie “House” (Hausu, 1977).  (He has even suggested a title for my autobiography! I'll say no more.)

Maybe one day I will have the genius (and the budget) to put his ideas on a stage!!!!

But for now, I’m on that difficult spot to be impatiently awaiting for the arrival of his poster design for “Smartphones”. It’s a tough wait but knowing that, for sure, when that poster gets on my e-mail box it will be as one of those rare Christmas Days when Santa doesn't disappoint.

Emilio Williams

This is the first of many poster that Michal Janicki 
 has designed for Trap Door Theatre. Wow!

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